Buying a home is a complicated enough process without even factoring in the ever changing world of mortgages. There are many reasons to use a mortgage broker instead of a bank

1) A mortgage broker has access to more products
A mortgage broker has access to multiple lenders, credit unions, trust companies and alternate lenders to find the financing best suited to your needs. This can not only mean a lower rate for the client, but it could be getting financing where it wasn’t available from a bank.

2) Knowledge
Mortgage brokers are well trained and knowledgeable in current mortgage regulations and trends that may affect you and your mortgage now and in the future. With all the mortgage rates and products available, having a trained professional assist you will take a great deal of stress out of the process.

3) They work for you
The vast majority of mortgage brokers are paid by the lenders upon successfully securing you a mortgage, so typically there is no cost to you.  This means that the mortgage broker will work hard for you to ensure the financing goes through.