Unmatched Service, Unrivalled Expertise. Exceptional Value

Our firm can do everything that every other real estate brokerage firm can do and more. The Henderson Williams Realty team of real estate professionals offers an impressive level of experience and expertise throughout the Prince Edward County/Bay of Quinte region. Fiercely independent, our brokerage is not constrained by many of the impediments or rules imposed by traditional real estate brokerages. Our focus is entirely on getting the best deal for our clients, be they buyers or sellers. Our pricing structure, ready access to legal expertise, and commitment to pro-active and responsive communications mean a seamless, conflict-free process that ends with a great deal and a happy client.

Superior service, Exceptional Value

As a truly independent real estate brokerage, we are proud members of our community and offer the full suite of real estate services for those looking to buy or sell property. Our team of professionals is dedicated, experienced and focused on meeting or exceeding the expectations of our clients. They have an unrivalled knowledge of the idiosyncrasies and features of the local market and understand that each transaction is as special and unique as the people involved. Henderson Williams listens, learns and builds a plan that is effective and successful.

Adaptive, Flexible Pricing That Suits Your Needs

People are unique, and so are their needs and approaches to real estate in today’s consumer environment. At Henderson Williams Realty, our independence allows us the sort of pricing options that you would find with many small, family-run entrepreneurial enterprises, much like an artisanal food company or craft brewery. We are not constrained by franchise rules or so-called ‘industry standard’ commission rates. This versatility allows for more focused and specialized deals, that ultimately represent optimal value for the dollar.

Single Client Transactions

A rarity in the real estate industry, Henderson Williams Realty will never represent two parties on one property transaction. Called ‘double ending’, we believe it is impossible to act in the best interests of both the buyer and the seller at the same time. This means that the agent is committed to secure the best deal possible for the client, and is willing to put the time, effort and energy required to close that deal.

Real-time, Responsive Legal Advice

From the moment the sign goes into the ground, until the second the deal closes our clients have access to expert, specialized legal advice from the experienced legal team at our affiliated firm, Henderson Williams LLP. With more than four decades of experience serving families and businesses within the region, the legal team is accessible to our clients throughout the entire buying or selling process, offering advice to help avoid any pitfalls or unforeseen issues. This not only adds significant peace of mind to our clients, but also speeds up the transaction and eliminating possible complications – both of which add unnecessary time and cost to a deal.

Consistent, Comprehensive and Personalized Communication

There is nothing ‘cookie cutter’ about the experience any client will have working with the Henderson Williams Realty team.  That includes how we communicate every aspect of the transaction and maintain consistent contact through all its sometimes complex stages. From crafting a detailed action plan at the start, through formalized regular updates and a full report on the entire process once the deal is finalized, we guarantee there will be no surprises, complete accountability and a demonstrable understanding of how Henderson Williams worked on your behalf.

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