Real Estate

Stats overview Jan to April 2018 vs 2017


In comparing 2018 residential sales to 2017 the number is down 29%. In 2018 from Jan. to April there have been 118 sales in comparison with 167 in the same time period for 2017. The average sale price has decreased 6.5% for this time period as well. With the average sale price in Prince Edward being $439,776 in 2018, compared to $469,647 in 2917. Properties are taking slightly longer to sell in 2018 There was an increase of 6% in the amount of days, with the average being 59 in 2018 and 55 in 2017. There are 303 active listings as of April 2018 which is the most number of active listings since May 2016. Over all with more homes to choose from, the average price on the decline, a decline in the number of sales and homes taking longer to sell suggest a swing to a buyer’s market. One hindrance to buyers could be the new mortgage qualifying rules.